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Can I buy my tickets at the gate? Yes, all tickets are sold at the gate. There are no advanced ticket sales for the WCF.

Is there a live feed? No, there is not. The only way to see all the action at WCF is to be at the event in person and support the event. We have thousands of spectators from all over the country flying in to see the event! We also have spectators flying in from several other countries to watch this amazing event in person!

Is there a charge for general spectator parking? No, there is not. General spectator parking on the north side of the track is free, and there is plenty of parking available on the north side of the track.

Can I park on the pit-side parking lot of the track? You can park on the pit-side parking lot as long as space is still available. There is a $30 charge to park on the pit-side parking lot and it is good for the entire length of the event (If you leave the track you can come back in and park in that same lot). Once the $30 parking passes are sold out everyone will have to park on the north side of the track. The pit-side parking lot pass does not all you to drive into the pit area though, it only allows you to park in the parking lot on the pit-side.

Should I come Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or all 3 days? You are welcome to choose which days you want to come to WCF. On Friday, there will be two qualifying sessions for all classes (You will get to see everyone run twice). On Saturday, there will be two more qualifying sessions for all classes (You will get to see everyone run two more times). Sunday will be eliminations in all classes (the best of the best), plus the car show, live DJ, and the bikini contest.

How much does it cost to attend? Fees are $25 (1-Day wristband), or you can come any 2 days for $40 (2-Day wristband), or you can come all 3 days for $55 (3-Day wristband). 

Does my admission ticket include pit access? Yes, all tickets include a pit pass for you to walk around and enjoy the race cars, car show, bikini contest, vendor midway, and other activities.

Is camping allowed? Yes camping is allowed, but spectators need to register in advance to park in the Camper Village. Once the spectator Camper Village is full, then there is no other room for campers. Spectators need to call the office at 301-884-9833 to register. Racers that are towing their trailers with a camper do not need to register in advance, and there is no charge for you to use your camper. Everyone arriving in campers must buy a weekend wristband.

Is there a Camper Village? Yes, there is a "Camper Village" for spectators and it is located on the north side of the track.

When can I arrive to park my Camper? You can arrive Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday to park your camper during event hours.

Is there a sewage dumping station on the property for my Camper? Yes MDIR has a sewage dump station on the North side of the track. We also have a "Honey Wagon" that charges a small fee and comes through the pit area and through the Camper Village on Saturday and Sunday that can hookup to your RV / Camper where you are parked at and empty your tanks so you don't have to move your camper. They can also top off your fresh water as well.

Can I bring a golf cart or pit bike? No you cannot. Spectators are not permitted to bring golf carts, ATVs or pit bikes into MDIR. This is strictly enforced!

Is there food at the WCF
? Yes, the WCF event has plenty of great food and beverage vendors all weekend. You are welcome to bring your own, but we will have breakfast in the mornings before switching over to lunch and dinner.

Can I bring my dog? Yes, you may bring your dogs, but at an event of this size we suggest you leave your pooch at home as he/she will be more comfortable. All dogs must be leashed at all times and show no aggression or you will be asked to leave. You must also pick up your dog's waste and dispose in a trash can please.

Where can I get ice for my cooler? Bags of ice can be purchased at the souvenir stand.

Are there restrooms? Yes, and we have to brag that MDIR has the nicest restrooms of any track in the country. There are new modern restrooms with infrared sensors, tile walls, and tile floors. The restrooms also have attendants all day that keep them super clean! They even have A/C, heat, and satellite radio.

Where do we watch the racing from? MDIR has high rise aluminum bleachers, so grab a seat and check out all the action!

What airports are close to MDIR? The closest airport is Regan National Airport (DCA) which is located about 1 hour away from the track. The next closest airport is Baltimore Washington Airport (BWI) which is located about 1.5 hours away from the track.



When do I need to arrive at the racetrack? All racers must arrive on Wednesday or Thursday to come in and park their trailers. Racers are not permitted to arrive on Friday or Saturday as there is too much spectator traffic. Be sure to arrive before the gates close each night or you will need to wait in line until the next morning. Anyone arriving before Wednesday morning will need to park and wait in line until Wednesday morning at 9am when the gates open.

When is tech inspection? Tech inspection will be held on Thursday only for the event from 11am-9pm. There will be no tech inspection on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday as our tech inspectors will be at the scales, the staging lanes, on the starting line, at the top end, and in the pit area performing tear downs. All racers must arrive on Wednesday or Thursday and go through tech inspection on Thursday to be allowed to compete at WCF.

Do I have to run certain decals on my car to race? Yes, all cars entered in the race must have the Haltech title sponsor decals on each side of your car plus your class sponsor decals on each side of your car to be able to compete. Sponsor decals must be visible on both sides of your car. They are supporting your class and the event. These decals are available free of charge at tech inspection.

Do you have tanks to dump used motor oil? Yes, we have oil tanks in different locations on the pit side for you to dump your used motor oil in.

Can I leave my car and trailer at the track each night? Yes, all racers leave their cars and trailers in the pit area each night. We also have security on the grounds each night.

I am racing and my car and trailer is already parked in the pits do I need to wait in line again in the morning when I come back from my hotel? No, you will not need to wait in line again. MDIR has a separate green gate open for racers and crew that already have their weekend armbands. This green gate is located by the "S" turn on the north side of the track. In order to use the green gate entrance everyone in the vehicle must have a weekend armband and the vehicle needs a tow vehicle sticker or a pit parking pass. If one person does not have a weekend armband then everyone must wait in the normal line. The green gate entrance will be open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning from 7am-9am. We strongly encourage all racers that are going back to a hotel to arrive back at MDIR by 7am each morning to avoid getting caught in spectator traffic that will make you late for your runs.

Is the race 1/4 mile or 1/8 mile? The WCF event always has been and always will be run on the full 1/4 mile.

Do I have to qualify Friday and Saturday? No, you do not have to qualify both days, but it increases your chance to make the 32 car field if you do.

Can I bring a golf cart or pit bike? Only one golf cart or pit bike is permitted per racer. Spectators are not permitted to bring golf carts or pit bikes into MDIR.

Can I bring a personal car or truck into the pits? Sorry, we need to keep all personal cars or trucks in the pit-side parking lot unless it is towing the trailer. We cannot allow them into the pit area and take up valuable space from racers. The pit parking lot is within a reasonable walking distance to the pit area.

Can I park my beside my friend or race team? We will do our best for you. All racer parking is first come, first serve. The WCF is a huge event with a lot of racers. We have a team of parkers that will be parking racers on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. If you want to be parked beside your friend, the best thing to do is to get in line at the same time so you all are close to each other and let the parkers know. That is the best way to get parked beside your friend or team. If your friends arrive at a different time or a different day than thank you it is extremely difficult  to get parked beside each other with this amount of racers. Saving spots for another racer is not permitted.

Can I test my car on Wednesday or Thursday? Yes, we will have an Early Bird Test Session on Wednesday from 11am-6pm for $200 per car. We will also have an Early Bird Test Session on Thursday from 11am-6pm for $100 per car. These test sessions are only open to cars competing in the WCF and the track will be prepped the full 1/4 mile. This test session does not towards qualifying, it is just a test session.

Can I show up on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and enter the race?
No, you must be at the track on Wednesday or Thursday to get parked and get teched in on Thursday so you can qualify on Friday and Saturday. Tech cards will not be sold at the gate on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Can I enter multiple classes with my car? No, you cannot enter multiple classes with the same car. A driver is permitted however to drive more than one car in different classes though.

What is the run order? The World Cup Finals runs a consistent run order each day of the event. See the WCF run order below:

  All Motor
  True Street
  Super Street
  Street Fighter
  X275 vs. Hot Rod
  Radial vs. Modified
  Outlaw vs. Extreme

How can I find out if I qualified, and where are the ladders? Qualifying Sheets and Ladders will be posted on the Tech Building located behind the Control Tower. Check them out after each qualifying session to see what position you are in.

Is Autostart being used for the timing system? Yes. it is. We use the Compulink timing system at MDIR and Autostart is in effect. The "timeout" for all classes is set at 7 seconds.

Where do I pick up purse money? All purses will be paid in Race Control (Suite 101) in the Control Tower by the starting line.

Where can I get air and water for my car? Air and water are available in two locations. The first one is located beside the red/white/blue maintenance building in the middle of the pit area, and the second one is located by the VP fuel station.

Where can I get ice? Bags of ice can be purchased at the souvenir stand. Please make sure that you remove the ice before going down the racetrack and remove all water from your intake.

Does MDIR sell race fuel? Yes, MDIR sells a wide variety of quality VP Race Fuels. Some are sold in 5 gallon containers, and others are sold right at the pump where we can fill directly into your car.

Does MDIR sell Nitrous Oxide? Yes, nitrous oxide is available for purchase at the souvenir stand. Bring your bottles by for a refill.

Can I buy my tech cards at the gate? Yes, all tech cards are sold at the gate on Wednesday and Thursday. Tech cards will not be sold on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There is no advance registration.

If I am racing and have a problem on the track, what should I do? Pull over and stop as soon as possible, you never know if your car is smoking or leaking fluids! Pull over and stop immediately. This will shorten clean-up time and allow officials to get the track back up and going as soon as possible.

Where can I find hotels? We have many great hotels located only 15-20 minutes from the racetrack. Click on Hotels button at top of site to see listing.

What airports are close to MDIR? The closest airport is Regan National Airport (DCA) which is located about 1 hour away from the track. The next closest airport is Baltimore Washington Airport (BWI) which is located about 1.5 hours away from the track.

How can I better hear the PA system? Tune your radio to 89.9 FM to hear important announcements from anywhere on the track property.

If I do not qualify in a "Heads-Up" class, am I done racing? No, you are not done racing. WCF will have a "Second Chance Race" for cars that did not qualify. This "Second Chance Race" will be run on an E.T. Bracket Racing format with a 10.99 minimum dial-in and will pay $1,000 to the winner! The "Second Chance Race" will start on Sunday after 2nd round of competition while the Heads-Up cars are cooling down between rounds.

If I lose in a “Heads-Up” class, am I done racing for the day? Yes, unless you are driving another car in another class.

Do I need to stop at the scales after each run? Yes, all heads-up racers are required to stop at the scales after each run to either get weighed or for fuel check. If you pass the scales or do not go to the scales because you forgot, your run will be disqualified.

How are cars paired in the "Heads-Up" classes? All Heads-Up classes will be paired on 32-Car field pro ladders.

When is qualifying for the Heads-Up classes?
There will be 2 qualifying sessions on Friday, and there will be 2 more qualifying sessions on Saturday for a total of 4 qualifying sessions.

When is eliminations for the Heads-Up classes? Eliminations will be early on Sunday morning so get to the track early. The gates on Sunday morning are scheduled to open at 8am, but racers with armbands will be allowed to go around the line and get in at 7am. All racers and crew in the truck must already have their armband to get in at 7am.

If you think someone in your class is cheating, what should you do? We inspect cars during tech inspection, plus we do surprise inspections in the staging lanes and at the scales. However, there are times that we can miss something as we are only human. If you suspect someone is not legal according to the rules, you will need to notify a tech official immediately. Do not worry, we are very discreet. Let us know as soon as possible. Do not wait until you have been eliminated before you notify an official. The best time to catch a racer is during qualifying or before eliminations so we can adjust the ladder if they are not legal. Any racer that is caught maliciously and deliberately cheating will face a two year suspension and must pay a $2,000 fine before returning to MDIR. The World Cup Finals will have representatives from Chevy, Ford, Mopar, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and other manufacturers to police the rules. We are also equipped with a P&G meter (to check cubic inch size), Borescope with LCD screen, digital calipers, dial calipers, and other equipment to enforce the World Cup Rules. Read the rules carefully and make sure you are legal.



Can I buy my car show entry at the gate? No, you cannot. The Car Show is limited to the first 200 cars that pre-register for the event. All 200 pre-registered car show entries will have their spot reserved on asphalt on Sunday. Click the Car Show button at the top of the site for more information.

What day is the car show? The car show is held on Sunday. So arrive early and let her shine on Sunday!

Where do I park at? 
We will have track officials that will direct you to your parking spot in the car show.

Where do I go after I park my car in the car show? After your vehicle is parked, you will need to bring your pre-registration form to the stage. The stage is located behind the Control Tower by the winner's circle.

Can I still race my car if I enter it in the car show? No, all vehicles entered in the car show must stay parked in the show until the show awards for judging and so everyone can check out your cool ride!

How many trophies are there for the car show and any cash prizes? We have 75 trophies plus $1,000 in cash prizes! Some trophies are as tall as 4' and 3' tall. It is an impressive display of trophies. Click the Car Show button at the top of the site for more information.

When should I arrive for the car show? Parking for the car show is from 8am-11am. It is best to arrive as early as possible at the event. Car show parking will end at 11am sharp.

When are the car show awards? The car show awards will be held right after the bikini contest. The car show awards will be held at 4pm. Jessica Barton will be hosting the car show awards on stage and will be presenting you with your trophy.



How old do I have to be to enter? You must be at least 18 years old and bring a photo ID with you.

Can I show up on the day of the event and register for the contest?  No, you must register in advance with the International Bikini Team.



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