Racers & Crew must read the
Racer Survival Letter because it
contains very important information
you'll need to know for WCF.

 WCF Racer Survival Letter
Haltech World Cup Finals presented by Wiseco
Maryland International Raceway
Nov 1-5, 2023

  • Please see the complete WCF event schedule and run order below.
  • All racers MUST ARRIVE to get parked on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Tech Inspection will be on Wed. & Thurs. We will call you to tech by your Tech Assignment Card that you receive at the 1st intersection when you get on the pit side.
  • Testing will be on Wed. from 12pm-7pm ($250 per car paid in the tower with cash) if you would like to test.
  • A shorter Test Session will be held on Thurs. from 10am-3pm ($100 per car paid in the tower with cash) before the first qualifier on Thursday evening.
  • We have a total of 5 qualifying sessions planned: 1 qualifier on Thursday evening, 2 more qualifiers on Friday, 2 more qualifiers on Saturday.
  • Eliminations will be on Sunday.
  • See Run Order per day on schedule below.

  • Gates close for advance ticket redemption on Tuesday at 7pm and every other night at 9pm sharp each night. Overnight security monitors the pit gates until the gates reopens the next morning at 8am. Overnight security cannot sell or scan advance tickets after 9pm. So, plan accordingly.
  • Only those who are already credentialed, and wrist banded can come in after 9pm.
  • If YOU HAVE a VIP armband or a Full Event armband, then you are permitted to come and go through the gates 24 hours a day as many times as you want (hotel, dinner, grocery store, etc.).
  • If YOUR VEHICLE DOES HAVE a “Pit Side Grass Lot Sticker” or a “Pit Access Sticker” then your vehicle can come and go through the gates 24 hours a day as many times as you want (hotel, dinner, grocery store, etc.)
  • If YOUR VEHICLE DOESN’T HAVE a parking sticker then it must be parked in the grass lot on the North side of the track and you can walk in as long as you have a VIP armband or Full Event Armband.
  • If you have a crew member or a family member coming in after 9pm, then you must have the gate staff scan their advance tickets before 9pm and leave their armband with their name on it at will call which is at Pit Gates 1 & 2. Simply have them screenshot their QR code(s) and send to you so you can redeem them before 9pm and leave at will call. Overnight security can only issue armbands left at will-call by the gate staff before they leave at 9pm.
  • We will have security at the gates and intersections overnight along with State Police roaming the pits.
  • Racer stacking starts on Monday at 10am. No racers can drop trailers or start stacking in line before Monday at 10am.
  • All racers that arrive on Monday or Tuesday will need to wait in line on the North side of the track on the entrance road until we open the gates on Tuesday for parking only from 3pm-7pm.
  • Please stay inside the lines and keep the lines straight and tight. Once the road is full back to the “S” turn, we will start the next line on the right in the grass. When that line fills up, we will start another line on the right in the grass and so on and so on. When we open the gates to start parking, we will have an attendant that will send lines to the pit gate in the order that they were stacked in as they arrived.
  • If you are dropping a trailer in line, make sure you are back before we open the gates on Tuesday at 3pm. Only sponsors/vendors are permitted to go into the pits before we open the gates.
  • Make note that most racers show up early to get in line, and they will get the best spots when we open.

  • Parking is going to be tight because of the size of this event, and we need everyone to conserve space.
  • We will have one section reserved for Outlaw vs Extreme, Renegade vs Modified and X275 vs Hot Rod classes. The remaining sections will be first come-first serve parking for all other classes.
  • We will also have a few compounds reserved for teams that conserve space by stacking several race cars in one space.
  • All open trailers must pit their race cars off the back of their trailer.
  • If you have an additional motorhome or vehicle, then it MUST fit in your pit space in front of your race car.
  • A “Pit Access” sticker for that extra vehicle must be purchased when you arrive at the pit gate with your race rig and your racer ticket is scanned and redeemed. You cannot buy it at any other time. The additional vehicle must be directly behind your race trailer (bumper to bumper) in line when you arrive so the sticker can be placed on that vehicle by the gate staff, and the parking staff will then be able to park your rig and additional vehicle at the same time.
  • Cost is $100 for an additional motorhome or $50 for an additional vehicle. You cannot buy both. It must be one or the other and it must fit in your pit space in front of your race car.
  • Any additional vehicles for your team other than the ones we mentioned above can be parked in the Pit Side Grass Lot (if you purchased it before they sold out) or in the free parking lots on the North side of the track.
  • If you wish to park next to other racer friends, make sure you are right behind each other in the stacking line so the racer parking team can park you beside each other when you get to the pit side. If you are not right behind each other in the stacking line it will make it difficult or impossible to park beside each other.
  • If you and another racer are traveling from different locations and want to park beside each other, then we suggest you meet at a select time at the “301 Truckstop & Plaza” at 12615 Crain Highway, Newburg MD 20664. It is only 15 minutes from the track. It has plenty of space for big rigs. Once you guys meet up, then drive down together and get in line behind each other.
  • There is a sewage dump station on the North side of the track.
  • We also have a "Honey Wagon" that will be coming through the facility that charges a convenience fee to empty your sewage tank and top off your water tank. They can hookup to your Motorhome where you are parked at and empty your tanks, so you don't have to move your camper.
Septic Truck Schedule for WCF - Thurs-Sun
7am-10am - Pit Area
7pm-10pm - Pit Area
10am-12noon - Spectator Camper Village
5pm-7pm - Spectator Camper Village
Septic Truck Fees
$70 Septic Dump Fee (Paid in cash)
$50 Top Off Water Fee (Paid in cash)
  • If you need service, go to WCF Merchandise Booth behind tower anytime Thurs-Sun to get your free “Poop Tape”.

  • When you need your RV serviced, just tie your “Poop Tape” to the back of your trailer so it can be seen from the road.
  • Be awake, dressed and have your cash ready! Expect them to come by during the hours mentioned above. They will service your RV, you will pay them in cash, and then you need to take your “Poop Tape” off the back of your trailer so another truck doesn’t stop by after you were just serviced. You can tie your “Poop Tape” back up another day.
  • If your “Poop Tape” is on the back of your trailer and the Septic Truck driver doesn’t see anyone in the pit they will pull the “Poop Tape” off the back of your trailer and move on to the next RV. If your “Poop Tape” is up, someone must be in your pit area. If not, you will have to go back to the Merch trailer to start the process again.
  • Also, DO NOT empty your GREY or BLACK water tanks on the ground in your pit space or spectator camper village. Grey water tanks have a horrible smell and contains bodily fluids. If you empty your Grey Water tank on the ground you will be escorted off the track immediately. If you empty your Black Water tank on the ground you will go to jail.
  • We will have approximately 500-600 RVs on the property and these Septic Truck driver will do the best that they can for you. When they are full they have to go empty their trucks at the plant and then drive back. Their time is precious so don’t keep them waiting. We are happy to provide this service, but we will not tolerate people getting upset with these Septic Drivers or they won’t be willing to provide the service anymore. None of us want that.
  • In closing, please monitor your shower usage and use the permanent restrooms or Porta Potties at the facility. With 500-600 RVs on the property, they will not be able to keep up with all RVs, so please ration your usage. The Septic Truck staff cannot work 24 hours a day and we cannot have them in the Pit Area during racing hours. So be ready for the Septic Trucks in the early morning hours and evening hours.
  • We have oil tanks in different locations on the pit side for you to dump your used motor oil in.
  • Bags of ice can be purchased at the souvenir stand on the pit side. Please make sure that you remove the ice before going down the racetrack and remove all water from your intake.
  • Air and water are available in two locations. The first one is located beside the white maintenance building in the middle of the pit area, and the second one is located by the fuel station.
  • Nitrous oxide and CO2 are available for purchase at the souvenir stand. Bring your bottles by for a refill.
  • We have many great hotels located only 15-20 minutes from the racetrack. Click on Hotels button at top of www.importvsdomestic.com site to see listings.
  • The closest airport is Regan National Airport (DCA) which is located about 1 hour away from the track. The next closest airport is Baltimore Washington Airport (BWI) which is located about 1.5 hours away from the track. Click on track info button at top of site for more info.
  • Racers are permitted to have 1 golf cart or a pit bike. The pit bike or golf cart must be inside your trailer, in the bed of your truck that is towing your trailer, or in the bed of the truck of your extra vehicle that is bumper to bumper with you in line.
  • Each race team may rent a golf cart for WCF, but you will need to go to Metro Golf Carts to pick it up and put it in your trailer before coming to track. Golf carts cannot be delivered to the track. Contact Metro Golf Carts at 301-372-1500 or email Danny at danny@golfcartrentals.com to make your reservation. Be sure to let them know it is for the World Cup Finals. Metro Golf Carts is located about 25 minutes from the track. The address to Metro Golf Carts is 15212 Crain Hwy, Brandywine MD, 20613 and their website is www.golfcartrentals.com
  • Do not have a friend or crew member try to bring a pit bike in on another vehicle. The gates will not allow it to come in.
  • If you need to run to the store across the street on your golf cart or pit bike, you must stop at the pit gates and get a “Pit Bike Hall Pass” before exiting. Without this pass, your golf cart or pit bike will not be allowed to pass back through the gates. Your armbands will get your body back in, but the Hall Pass is needed to get the pit bike or golf cart back in. This system prevents unauthorized vehicles from entering the pits from outside the facility and creating gridlock on the pit roads.
  • These rules may seem harsh, but some spectators try to circumvent the system in every way and we do not allow spectators to bring them to WCF. So it’s essential to have these procedures so we don’t have 40,000 fans riding around your race cars with golf carts. Thank you for your understanding.
  • MIR will have a separate green gate entrance on the North Side of the track by the “S” Turn for racers and crew that already have their full event armbands. In order to use the green gate entrance, everyone in the vehicle must have a full event armband and the vehicle needs a pit access sticker or a pit-side parking pass. If one person does not have a full event armband then everyone must wait in the normal line. The green gate entrance will be open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning from 7am-9am. We strongly encourage all racers that are going back to a hotel to arrive back at MIR by 7am each morning to avoid getting caught in spectator traffic that will make you late for qualifying or eliminations.
  • Under no circumstances can anyone use the far left lane (which is the emergency fire/exit lane) when coming into the track on any day.
  • Make sure you have your QR code ready for your race entry that was emailed to you from tickets@thefoat.com so you can receive your tech card. It was automatically emailed to you when you bought your entry for WCF. You can print it off or the gate staff can scan it right from your mobile device. If you cannot find your ticket, you can also email tickets@thefoat.com and they can resend it to you. You will also receive an automatic email with the link to your tickets on Tuesday (the day prior to opening).
  • If you did not receive the email, then make sure you check your spam folder.
  • The Racer Ticket includes admission for the driver, your rig, and your race car. Whomever is driving the rig in, will need to have the Racer Ticket in order to get the rig in.
  • If you have not already bought tickets for your crew, friends and family we strongly suggest that you purchase them in advance now at www.importvsdomestic.com/tickets before we sell out again.
  • You will need your crew to get in, and once we sell out, you will not be able to purchase tickets regardless of the reason. Get them now!
  • Everyone must have a "Manley Hard Card" to be up on the starting. Manley Hard Cards will be enforced on the starting line Friday-Sunday.
  • All Racers & Crew will need to pick up their "Manley Hard Cards" and class sponsor decals next to the stage behind the tower on Thursday and Friday from 9am-9pm. Anyone that needs to get a Manley Hard Card on Saturday or Sunday will need to go to the tower to get them.
  • There is no charge for the "Manley Hard Cards". Driver must be present with ID and bring crew members with him/her when obtaining their hard cards. So, get your crew together and come to the tent all at one time on Thursday or Friday.
  • There is a limit of 6 hard cards per team (Driver + 5 crew).
  • All cars entered in the race must have a Haltech and Wiseco decal on each side of your car plus your class sponsor decals on each side of your car to be able to compete. Sponsor decals must be visible on both sides of your car. They are supporting your class and the event. These decals are available free of charge at the Manley Hard Card Tent.
  • It isn’t mandatory, but if you are able to have your car number and class printed in 3” vinyl numbers and letters and have it on all 4 sides of your windows it will speed up the tech process and help event photographers find your car photos.
  • If you do not already have a car number, we suggest you choose a 4-digit number so there is less chance someone else has your same number.
  • Class designations are: OvE, RvM, XvH, WvT, STK, SF, WS, SS, MS, AM, PSB
  • The guard beam will be on in all classes and the AutoStart timeout for all classes will be set to 7 seconds.
  • If a winning car bypasses or is disqualified at the scales, and the losing car crosses the scales and passes tech, then the losing car advances to the next round. Before the losing car is reinstated, he/she must go to the tower immediately (within 15 minutes of the time printed on your time slip) to notify the tower officials of the change so it can be verified, and we can notify the team that you are racing in the next round. If the tower has not been notified within 15 minutes of the time printed on your time slip, then the losing car will not be reinstated.
  • We have a great PA system at MIR and you can hear it all over the facility, but if you are in your RV or trailer tune into 88.7 FM to hear the PA broadcast.
  • If your car is broke and you cannot make WCF, please email jason@mbpevents.com to let him know ASAP so we can account for pit space and parking needs.
  • There are no refunds if you are broke, because you took an available spot from someone else that could have raced at WCF. It is in our refund policy on the ticket site that there are no refunds. Your race entry can still be used as an admission ticket though.
  • If you are broke and email Jason right away, there is still a small chance that someone on the on the waiting list for your class can possibly take off work and put their car and crew together in time. It is the right thing to do by letting us know.
  • All cars must be tech inspected on Wednesday or Thursday from 10am-9pm in the staging lanes on the right side. Wait until we call your Tech Assignment Letter that you get when you come in.
  • You DO NOT need to tech in before making test passes (just sign the waiver in the tower). You DO need to tech in before qualifying though.
  • The 10 bikes will be teched in on Thursday at the scales.
  • All cars and bikes must have an engine diaper or belly pan (except All Motor Domestics).
  • All cars and bikes must run straight water in their coolant system and have no antifreeze or other additives in the cooling system to help speed up clean-ups and be safe.
  • Don’t forget we are doing “Trick or Treat” for the kids in the Spectator Camper Village on Friday night at 8:30pm! We do not want children trick or treating in the pits as it is too dangerous with moving cars.
  • If something doesn’t sound right, feel right, or smell right on your pass… You may be leaking fluid on the track… Pull over and stop as soon as safely possible to help minimize downtime clean-ups.
  • Call the VP Racing Fuels Office at 302-368-1500 if you want to Pre-Order race fuel for WCF.
  • Must be picked up on Wed or Thursday of the event.
  • The VP Racing Fuels truck will be located right behind the Sunoco Race Fuels Station.
  • All racer packages that are shipped to the track are locked up in a UPS trailer (located by the office on the North side of track).
  • You must bring your ID and see Rebecca in the office so she can retrieve your package and check it off her manifest. This keeps your packages safe and out of the weather.
  • Ship to:
  Maryland International Raceway
Attn (Your Name)
27861 Budds Creek Rd
Mechanicsville, MD 20659

We look forward to seeing you at WCF… Travel safe!